Over the past few years, office culture has changed tremendously. Before the pandemic, work from home opportunities were limited to those who were self-employed or hired under specific working conditions. That’s no longer the case. Many businesses have realized that their employees are just as productive—sometimes more—while they’re working remotely as when they’re in the office. This begs the question: is the concept of a physical office dying? Some assume that yes, we are in a state of change that’s shifting towards the eradication of physical office space. Others, however, still value the separation of home from work and therefore, aim to keep the physical office alive. Here, we’ll explore both considerations.

COVID-19’s Impact on the Centralized Office

When stay at home orders were first implemented, the shift to working from home caused a minor delay in business productivity around the country. Many offices weren’t sure how to successfully transition to remote working, but after a few weeks the details were solidified and working from home became second nature. While many people assumed that this would be problematic, working from home actually increased productivity and overall employee happiness. This caused many businesses to abandon office space for good and focus on more permanent remote solutions.

However, working from home can increase one factor that’s not conducive for long-term success: burnout. Work/life balances get mixed up and it becomes increasingly difficult to separate the two. Plus, isolation at home or trying to deal with childcare can cause decreased productivity. That’s why physical office spaces are still an essential piece of business culture.

Creating a Productive Physical Space

To embrace the qualities of a traditional office while being sensitive to employee concern about safety, make sure you create a workspace with innovative designs, plenty of open space, and flexible workstations. You can incorporate modular furniture that allows you to change workspaces as needed while simultaneously boosting productivity and overall employee engagement. When a job can be done remotely, you may want to consider giving your employees the choice of whether to stay home or come into the office. Flexible scheduling allows you to keep an open office floorplan with plenty of space without bypassing some of the more traditional features like conference rooms and co-op spaces. Integrate your office space with smart technology to allow for more connectivity between employees, clients, and those who still operate remotely.

Finding reputable office furniture installers that can assemble a multitude of different products is essential to adapting your physical space, which is why On Point Installations is here to help. We partner with both furniture dealers and end-users to provide collaborative services that are mutually beneficial. To learn more about how our professionals can help you create a productive physical workspace, contact us today.

On the other hand, if you find that you need to downsize your office furniture due to decreased employee attendance, On Point Installations offers storage or warehousing to fit your needs. This way, you can handle the fluctuating office load without having to continue buying or selling used office furniture. Rethink how you use your space with the safety of knowing that you can always return to how it was.

If you’re ready to update your workspace to align with up-and-coming office design trends that provide employees with everything that they need for a comfortable office space, work with a professional, reliable office furniture installation company. On Point Installations can help you find what you need to make your office more modern and adapted for hybrid workspaces. On Point Installations provides non-union commercial furniture installation services throughout the Chicagoland and Midwest region. We specialize in delivering installation solutions for the commercial, retail, schooling, health care, senior living, and hospitality environments. Our mission is to provide our customers services that fall within budget while exceeding quality expectations. Whatever your office needs are, On Point Installations can manage the project from receipt of product to customer sign-off. Call us at 847-550-4042 to learn more or get a free quote today.

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