As the structure of how businesses and employees operate continues to change, one element is dominating industries of all types—hybrid workspaces. Hybrid workspaces were first enacted by modern companies like Google, Microsoft, and Spotify. They focus on providing innovative work zones that influence collaboration and a more united workforce. This connectivity is the best way to address outdated organization and communication issues while providing adequate restructuring to address increasingly flexible work environments. However, despite what some managers may think, hybrid workspaces require more than just moving furniture around—they need furniture that’s going to represent changes in how people prefer to work. To better understand, here’s why hybrid workspaces need thoughtful office furniture.

1. Increase Personal Choice

Some employees are still hesitant to return to large offices. They’ll be more hesitant to return if individual desks are turned into conference tables for collaborative work. Hybrid workspaces give individuals more personal choice on how they want to reintegrate into the business community. This means that not all employees will benefit from a full office transition into co-working spaces and open-air desks. You need to be strategic when choosing your office furniture so that employees who don’t work well in a community setting are able to separate themselves, or at least have a small space of their own. Hybrid workspaces give you the best of both worlds, as they can be used either collaboratively or individually. Make sure that employees have options that will best fit their comfort levels and needs.

Since office design trends tend to be fairly dynamic, you may want to keep your traditional office furniture to use as your office needs change. On Point Installations offers storage or warehousing for your office furniture needs.

2. Boast Safe Collaborations

One of the most innovative office furniture designs that has been created for hybrid workspaces are curved modular workstations. These are great because they not only allow for private, personal workspaces, but they’re also equipped with protective screens high enough to adhere to many social distance measures still recommended. This creates a safer feeling work environment, which motivates more employees to come back into the office and continue with their daily routines. These types of workstations are great because you can utilize as many or as few as needed and add on later. They’re also modern in design and are great way to boost the overall aesthetics of your office, which in turn, can positively impact employee productivity.

On Point Installations partners with both furniture dealers and end-users to provide collaborative services that benefit everyone. To learn more about how our professionals can help you create a hybrid workspace, contact us today.

3. Allow for Privacy When Needed

Finally, hybrid workspaces need thoughtful office furniture to allow for privacy when it’s needed. A bustling office is a great sign of strong collaboration, but sometimes people need to take care of business privately. Hybrid workspace furniture combines the best of both worlds, allowing you to adapt to your needs. There are options for private cubicles that can transform into an open layout, or you can create conference rooms that double as private office spaces when they’re not in use. There are plenty of options that allow you to achieve a hybrid workspace, boost productivity, and address lingering employee concerns about health and safety in the office.

There are several different types of office furniture designs available to make your office more modern and adapted for hybrid workspaces. To help you find the best options for your employees and company culture, On Point Installations can help. On Point Installations is a reliable office furniture installation company that connects direct end-user customers to furniture dealers throughout the country. We provide non-union commercial furniture installation services throughout the Chicagoland and Midwest region. At On Point Installations, our mission is to provide our customers services that fall within budget while exceeding quality expectations. Whether you require a simple single office, or a multiphase 300+ workstation installation, On Point Installations can manage the project from receipt of product to customer sign-off. Call us at 847-550-4042 to learn more or get a free quote today.


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