Acoustic Ceiling Panels & Design Installation
Chicago, IL

Acoustic Ceiling Panels & Design Installation Case Study

Each On Point Installations project tells a unique story. This ceiling panel installation not only absorbed sound, but also was a fun, wavy waffle-like art sculpture .

Ceiling Panels & Design Installation Challenge Accepted

The ceiling design installation objective? Safely and quickly build, connect, and install eight acoustic ceiling panels over a newly painted pool in time for the pool’s rapidly approaching grand opening. Additionally, we provided furniture photography services through our special offer.

The Scope of the Ceiling Panels Installation

To protect the freshly painted pool bottom, we layered blankets and Masonite flooring before installing our scaffolding. We then anchored cables into the ceiling while on the scaffold. On the ground, we linked the orange acoustical strips of the waffle pattern designed by Fabric Images in Elgin, Illinois. First, we formed eight large sections. Then, we connected the eight acoustic panel sections into one pool-length segment. The fabric-like material of the ceiling design was made from recycled water bottles that could absorb sound.

The Acoustical Ceiling Panels Installation

We completed the following:
  • Anchored 72 cables of specific, varying lengths into the ceiling.
  • Connected the teeth of 22 flat orange strips in a cross-wise (11×11) waffle pattern, creating eight sections.
  • Joined the eight sections in a 4×2 configuration, linking all 176 strips of acoustic panels.
  • Suspended the pool-size waffle design from the 72 ceiling cables we had installed.

The Result of the Acoustic Ceiling Design Installation

The pool itself remained unscathed. Our paint protection plan was successful, and the pool’s grand opening took place on time. More impressive? We knocked out the entire acoustic ceiling panel installation in one 11-hour day.

See the Stages of the Acoustic Ceiling Design Installation

View the images and read the captions to better understand the process involved in this acoustic ceiling panel installation.

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