Haworth Intuity Modular Installation
Chicago, IL

Haworth Intuity Modular Installation Case Study

Each modular furniture installation has its own story, and this Haworth Intuity modular installation is no exception.

The Modular Installation Challenge

A local Haworth furniture dealer tapped On Point Installations for a Haworth Intuity modular installation at a university library in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago.

The scope of the project and our experience as furniture installers made the installation itself fairly routine. However, we needed to unload the Haworth modules and other ancillary furniture at the dock and then transport them through a labyrinth of bookshelves and library patrons to their final installation destination.

Complete Office System Furniture Installation Challenge Accepted

On Point Installations accepted the challenge. We unloaded the modules at the dock and hauled the boxes to the vintage elevator. After exiting the elevator, we dodged library patrons and rolled the furniture modules through a maze of bookshelves, carts, and library tables.

The Scope of the Haworth Intuity Modular Installation

We installed Haworth Intuity Modular benching, offices, and a conference room. We also provided furniture photography services through our special offer.

Haworth Intuity Modular Benching Installation

Haworth is renowned for its benching systems. We installed Haworth Intuity benching and desk systems in the Chicago library’s shared workspaces. These modules included the following:

  • Benching station installations
  • Installation of low credenzas
  • Shared privacy screens down the center
  • Task chair assembly

Haworth Private Conference Room

In the conference room, we completed the assembly of the:

  • Conference table
  • Chairs

The project manager was impressed with how quickly we completed the modular installation.

Haworth Private Office Modular Installations

In the private offices, we installed Haworth Intuity office modules:

  • Single U-shaped desk units in each private office
  • Credenzas
  • Storage towers
  • Wardrobes
  • Two-door stack on storage with lateral files
  • Open bookcases
  • Pedestal filing cabinets
  • Wall-mounted overhead storage
  • 3-4 styles of private offices behind glass walls (not shown)

Results of the Haworth Intuity Modular Installation at a Library

two men reviewing project plan on wall

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