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Artwork Installation Chicago

Art can transform any space, which is why many residential, commercial, and even industrial buildings display pictures, paintings, mirrors, and sculptures. While some small projects can be handled in-house, everyone can benefit from professional artwork installation. If you’re looking to mount large pictures to the walls or hang intricate sculptures from a ceiling, contact the experts at On Point Installations.

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On Point Installations provides skillful artwork installation that’s professionally positioned to bring out the aesthetics in the room. Our team of professional technicians is experienced in installing and mounting pieces that may be difficult to manipulate and always prioritize safety and care when handling valuable artwork. Whether it’s oversized art, heavy sculptures, or intricate installments that require on-site construction and an unparalleled attention to detail, On Point Installations can help.

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By partnering with On Point Installations, you’ll receive door to door services that include delivery, unpacking of the art at the desired location, optimizing the layout, physical installation of the product, and clean-up of the surrounding area. We have experience with small and large pictures, paintings, mirrors, vanities, wall mounted sculptures, ceiling suspended art, and many other mediums.

On Point Installations installs artwork in both residential and commercial settings throughout the Chicagoland and Midwest region, including assisted living facilities, furniture dealerships, common areas in apartments and condos, individual units, throughout different types of rental properties, and more. Our mission is to provide you with services that fall within budget while exceeding quality expectations.



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