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Cubicle Wall and Upholstery Cleaning Services, Chicago

Our Cubicle Upholstery and Other Deep Cleaning Commercial Services

New! At On Point Installations, we now offer commercial specialty deep cleaning services for our installation customers in the Chicago Tristate Area. We call it  “On Point Deep Cleaning.”

  • Cubicle wall fabric cleaning—vacuuming, shampooing, and treating ugly spots. Remove dust, grime, odors, coffee stains, and more.
  • Fabric wall panel and office partition vacuuming and shampooing—present a polished company image that sparkles and shines.
  • Office chair shampooing and spot removal—eliminate funky odors, dirt, spills, coffee stains, and germs from upholstery.
  • Wood touchups: Wipe away oily fingerprints that attract dirt and dust, revealing your hardwood’s polished natural luster.
  • Kickplate and baseboard cleaning—remove dust, dirt, and road salt. Buff out unsightly scratches and scuffs.
  • Carpet cleaning and spot treatments (as an add-on to other specialty cleaning services or installations)—ensure your carpets look as fantastic as the rest of your office.
  • Office repairs—enjoy the added benefit of using a professional installation company for your deep cleaning services, touchups, and repairs.
dirty reception desk upholstery before cleaning
reception desk upholstery after deep cleaning
On Point Deep Cleaning is not your
weekly cleaning service.

Think About It

With 40-hour work weeks, office employees spend more than 2,000 hours a year working, spilling coffee, and eating in an office chair. Imagine all the “seats” that may have graced your seat.

When to Consider On Point Cubicle Wall, Upholstery, or Other Deep Cleaning Services

Clients have told us when they most appreciate our commercial specialty deep cleaning services:

  • Office relocations—Moves, adds, and changes (MACs) benefit from deep cleaning after a teardown, installation, or reinstallation. Freshen up your office and your furniture.
  • Office renovations and installations—Dust and debris inevitably fill the air during renovations. The office ventilation system inhales these airborne particles, spewing them throughout the building. Consider deep cleaning after a renovation.
  • Decommissioning offices and more—with work-from-home (WFH) benefits changing the office environment, companies are downsizing, reconfiguring, or even decommissioning traditional offices. These changes often call for teardown and/or installation services. Our cleanup afterward is a huge benefit to businesses and project managers.

With 15+ years in business and 133 years of combined installer expertise, we can help with office relocation, renovation, installation, hybridization, or decommission.

Afterward, our cleanup crew can work their magic immediately with On Point Deep Cleaning, leaving your office fresh-smelling and squeaky clean.

That’s one of the benefits of quality furniture installers who offer ancillary services.

We’d like to hear from you. Contact us if you have any questions about On Point Installations or On Point Deep Cleaning Services.

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Our Core Business Remains On Point Installations

Our core business will always remain commercial installations. At the same time, we’ve found our commercial clients appreciate our one-stop-shop On Point ancillary services:

Now, On Point Installations can also help you deep clean when your installation project is finished or after months (or years) of employee wear and tear.

On Point Deep Cleaning is yet another single-source service in our array of turnkey installation services.

Increase Workers’ Thinking and Productivity

Office teardowns and renovations (and humans) stir up dust, mites, and other particles. What’s worse, today’s buildings are airtight. The vents soon circulate dirty air throughout an office building, which impacts workers’ thinking and productivity. 

According to scientific studies, fresher air increases employees’ ability to think by 61% and raises productivity by 300%. 

One solution? Deep clean after an installation or renovation.

The Swinging Pendulum

Many companies have created hybrid workspaces. CNBC recently reported that 90% of companies intend to mandate return-to-work (RTW) policies. On the other hand, Fast Company says that RTW won’t include five workdays in the office.

These changes have led to frequent office reconfigurations.

If you need to reconfigure or reinstall your office, we can help. Afterward, On Point Deep Cleaning Services can make you sparkle.

We’d like to hear from you. Contact us if you have any questions about On Point Installations or On Point Deep Cleaning Services.

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