Furniture Assembly for a Design Studio
Senior Living Community, Oak Brook, IL

Furniture Assembly for a Design Studio Case Study

Each On Point Installations project tells a distinct story. We completed this furniture delivery, assembly, and installation for an out-of-state interior design studio.

Furniture Assembly and Interior Design Challenge Accepted

An interior design firm in Texas approached On Point Installations to bring its designer’s creative vision to life for a Chicago-area client—a senior living community in Oak Brook, IL.

The Scope of the Furniture Assembly and Design Installation

The project required brawn, furniture assembly skills, installation capabilities, collaboration, and a creative eye toward design.

The design studio understood the benefits of our quality furniture installation. For example, we understood that the furniture in senior living facilities can take a beating from walkers, wheelchairs, and canes. The units also turn over frequently. Therefore, the furniture is generally high quality, heavy, well-made, and durable.

Brands such as West Elm, Restoration Hardware, and Kwalu are popular in residences and residential communities, such as senior living facilities. The Texas interior designer chose the furniture, accent pieces, accessories, and other décor elements and oversaw the overall design.

The Brawn: Furniture Delivery and More

One of the value-added services we provide is our “brawn.” To start the project, we supplied the muscle and heavy-lifting, collaborating with the studio’s interior designer.

In this case, we addressed the following:

  • Unloaded the heavy boxes and furniture from the trucks.
  • Moved the boxes of sturdy furniture and accessories to their appropriate locations within the residential facility.
  • Unboxed the furniture, accent pieces, and furniture accessories.

The Skill: Furniture Assembly, Installation, and Placement

Depending on the type of furniture and how it arrived, the rooms required furniture assembly and/or installation. Some furniture pieces arrived assembled. In that case, we unboxed them, brought them where they belonged, and staged them appropriately.


The Value-added Services: Art Installation, Window Treatments, Accessories, and Photography

In addition to the furniture assembly, installation, and placement, we provided additional value-added services:

The interior designer then set the table, placed the linens on the mattresses, and put the final touches in the model.

See the Finished Individual Living and Common Areas of This Furniture Assembly and Design Installation

two men reviewing project plan on wall

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