Knoll Office System Installations
Northfield, IL

Knoll Office System Installations Case Study

Each On Point Installations project tells a unique story. This Knoll Dividends installation in Northfield was impressive because it included the coordination of seven phases of office system installations.

Multiphase Office System Installations Challenge Accepted

A large professional association in Northfield, IL, contracted us to complete the last seven phases of a 12-phase Knoll Dividends Horizon office system installation.

The multiphasic office installation was less disruptive and allowed employees to continue to work in the office until their office installation phase was complete.

The furniture dealer chose On Point Installations because of our reputation as an office furniture installation company.

The Overall Scope of the Knoll Office System Installations

Each installation phase included 80 to 100 Knoll Dividends cubicles in various configurations. We also provided photography services through our special offer.

Specifics of the On Point Installations Scope

For the scope of this Knoll office installation, we installed the following cubicle systems and ancillary furniture:

Knoll Dividends Horizon Office System Modules We Installed

We installed the following Knoll Dividends modules:

  • Cubicle fabric wall panels
  • Stationary L-shaped horizontal surfaces and height-adjustable desks
  • Personal two-drawer filing cabinets
  • Personal storage towers
  • Banks of three-drawer filing cabinets

Ancillary Office Furniture We Installed

The office system also included the following ancillary furniture:

  • Top-mounted frosted, frameless glass
  • Fabric tack boards
  • Tool rails for paper management

Knoll Office Systems Installations Project Results

two men reviewing project plan on wall

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