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About On Point Installations

On Point Installations, Inc. is a non-union commercial furniture installation company serving the Chicagoland Area.

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Our Beginnings

After serving as a union installer for many years, Brian Vetter packed up his toolbox and ventured out on his own. That was in 2010. Since then, On Point Installations has grown to include a 15,000+ square foot office complex and commercial furniture storage warehouse. Moreover, Brian and his team at On Point Installations have completed nearly 11,000 projects.

These projects involve an array of services centering around the installation of commercial office furniture. The company also installs furniture in other locations, including:

  • Corporate common areas
  • Office complexes
  • Restaurants, bars, and the hospitality industry
  • Senior living facilities
  • School offices and classrooms
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities

The On Point A++++++ Advantage

At On Point Installations, we value six A’s; we call it The On Point Advantage.


We’re focused on getting it right. We are on point.


We’ll go that extra mile for our clients and each other. We follow through at every step.


We communicate throughout your project; you can find us when you need us.


We pay attention to the details. We’re on point.


We’ve been doing this for a long time. We’ve got this.


We have a solid commitment to our customers and our team members.

Why Our Clients Choose Us

Our clients select On Point Installations because we are On Point.

Our quotes are on point.

We know that change-orders can blow budgets out of the water. That’s why we’ve invested in advanced software. As a result, our initial quote accurately reflects the final cost of a project 98% of the time, rarely requiring unwelcome change-orders.

Our array of services is on point.

Yes, we’re fully insured, nonunion installers, so we keep your costs low. But we also offer an array of complementary services.

For example, our electricians wire both high- and low-voltage connections. Plus, we install artwork and window treatments. We also have access to union labor as required, and we’ll warehouse and store your furniture for you.

These complementary services give our clients one point of contact to complete multiple tasks.

Moreover, we offer a photography special offer to showcase the furniture and its installation. Our clients appreciate these for their portfolios; companies appreciate the professional photos for their promotional materials.

Our communication is on point.

We know our clients are juggling multiple projects. That’s why we strive to communicate with clients throughout the project. We send real-time notifications with the bill of lading the moment materials arrive.

Moreover, the day before we start a job, you’ll know precisely who your installers will be, what they look like, and the scope of work to be completed each day.

Best of all, clients know exactly what’s going on at the job site. How?

We send visual email confirmations at the end of each workday. The emailed photos assure our clients that projects are well in hand.

Our work is on point.

Ok, we’ll admit it. We’re kind of perfectionists when it comes to what we do. We have an engineering mindset and prefer that our right angles are 90 degrees—not 89 or 91 degrees. We’re professionals with an average of 130+ years of combined industry experience.

Our customer service goes above and beyond

We pay attention to details. And we do what we can to make the process seamless for you.

For example, we’ll get the tracking numbers for your furniture and materials. Then, if a delivery delay holds up your job, we’ll truck over to the Chicago-area transfer station and get them for you.

Likewise, if we hit a speed bump on a project, we don’t just go walk off the job; we’ll often figure out a workaround.

Moreover, if clients want us to store their furniture until all the components arrive, we keep them safe in our 40,000+-square-foot warehouse.

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