Commercial Office Furniture Installations, Greater Chicago Metro Area

When you need experienced, highly skilled office furniture installers in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area, look no further than On Point Installations.

We assemble and install office furniture from leading and emerging commercial manufacturers. We are fully insured, non-union labor.
Rest assured; we maintain the highest quality standards.


Why Our Commercial Office Furniture Installation
Customers Like Us

Our Quotes Are On Point

We know that change-orders can blow your budget out of the water. That’s why we’ve invested in advanced software. As a result, our quotes accurately reflect the cost of your project 98% of the time, rarely requiring those unwelcome change orders.

Our Turnkey Array of Installation Services Are On Point

Yes, we’re fully insured, non-union installers, so we keep your costs low. But we also offer an array of complementary services.

For example, our electricians wire both high- and low-voltage connections. Plus, we install artwork and window treatments. We also have access to union labor as required, and we’ll warehouse and store your furniture for you.

These services ensure that your projects are completed quickly, without juggling multiple vendors. Additionally, we have a special offer for professional photography.

We can showcase your commercial office furniture installation, and you can add images to your portfolio or product catalog.

Our Work Is On Point

Ok, we’ll admit it. We’re kind of perfectionists when it comes to what we do. We have an engineering mindset and like our right angles to be 90 degrees—not 89 or 91 degrees. We’re professionals with an average of 130 years of combined industry experience.

We Communicate With You at Every Step of the Furniture Installation

We know you’re juggling multiple projects. That’s why we strive to communicate with you throughout each and every project.

With On Point Installations, you’ll get real-time notifications with the bill of lading the moment your materials arrive.

Moreover, the day before your job starts, you’ll know precisely who your installers will be and the scope of work to be completed each day.

Best of all, you’ll know exactly what’s going on at the job site. How? We send visual email progress reports at the end of each workday. The emailed photos reassure you that your commercial furniture installation projects are well in hand.

We Make It Easy for You

We pay attention to details. And we do what we can to make the process seamless for you. For example, we’ll get the tracking numbers for your furniture and materials. Then, if a delivery delay holds up your job, we’ll truck over to the Chicago-area transfer station and get them for you. Likewise, if we hit a speed bump on a project, we don’t just go home. We’ll often figure out a workaround solution. Similarly, if you need to store your furniture until all the components arrive, we’ll store your commercial furniture and related materials for you.

Office Furniture Installation Delivery Options

Everybody likes choices, and each project is unique. When it comes to your commercial furniture installation, we can:

  • Receive, deliver, and install all your materials (RDI)
  • Unload and install products delivered to your site

Why RDI?

With today’s logistical and supply chain issues, it’s often helpful to order products in advance, but delivery times can be unpredictable. We can warehouse your products until all components arrive.

Then, we let you know when we have them—and importantly—when we have everything to complete your installation.

Similarly, if you simply don’t have the space to store materials, we’ll warehouse them for you until you’re ready for the installation.

Finally, we can help you if you’re relocating and need a temporary place to store your office or other commercial furniture.

Why Direct Delivery

If you have room at your site, we can unload the cargo for you and install your office furniture at that time.

What We Install

We routinely install:

Workstations ~ Office Spaces ~ Office Systems ~ Conference Rooms

Case Goods

  • Floor and Wall-Mounted Millwork Cabinets
  • Private Offices
  • Storage Cases
  • Media Product

Customized Case Goods

We can cut surfaces in many configurations. We specialize in square, circular, and cut-to-length requirements for a multitude of surface types.

Reconfigured Commercial Office Spaces

We partner with furniture dealers and other customers who require space reconfiguration

To that end, we use our systematic teardown and reassembly process. This ensures that your project completion is on time and on budget. Our process also helps you avoid unnecessary downtime. We can:

  • Better utilize your current space
  • Add office furniture to an existing space
  • Remove unnecessary furniture
  • Combinations of the above

Our Complementary Commercial Installations

Learn more today about installation services associated with accessory items.

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