Businesses across the world are starting to decrease in square footage. Whether it be a strategic move, more remote employees, or a transition to digital operations, downsizing is happening left and right. But for many, getting rid of office equipment and office furniture doesn’t seem like a smart move. After seeing things transform as quickly as they did with the pandemic, it’s worth being prepared for future changes. Short-term downsizing is just as common as permanent moves, making it hard to find a solution for all of your excess office gear. Whether you need short-term solutions or long-term storage, one of the best ways to handle an overflow of product or downsizing is through the use of warehousing and storage services. Outsourcing your warehousing needs is a great way to safely (and strategically) store goods for future use. For more information, consider some of the biggest benefits of using warehousing services during downsizing.

1.  Supports Downsizing (or Expansion)

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing your storage needs with offsite warehousing is the ability to downsize without risk. You can easily store an overflow of product if you’re downsizing for a short period of time, personal contents, computers, printers, or various sized office furniture in a warehouse. This reduces the amount of overhead you’ll need to pay without bringing you back to square one.

Warehousing can also work for businesses looking to expand. You can work with professional storage services to free-up office space and boost productivity, or grow your supply of inventory for commercial distribution.

2.  Ongoing Price Stabilization

Warehousing services also provide you with stabilized pricing for continued operations. You can keep products stored when demand is low and make sure they’re ready and accessible when demand is high. At On Point Installations, our clients only pay for the square footage their product is occupying, so you never have to worry about wasting money.

3.  Item Security and Protection

Keeping overflow in a professional warehouse means that you can be confident that your items are secure and protected. With detailed receiving processes, On Point Installations takes the time to thoroughly inspect each order to ensure that nothing’s left behind. If anything doesn’t match, we’ll inform you as soon as possible so you can determine what happened quickly and efficiently. Once we transfer your belongings into our warehouse, we utilize high-quality storage methods to keep your items safe from damage, moisture, and humidity. Any items that are damaged upon receival will be recorded and you’ll be notified to ensure transparency in records.

4.  Ongoing Quality of Service

Direct manufacturers can also benefit from warehousing services. By storing product surplus offsite, you can accumulate more chairs, filing cabinets, pedestals, height adjustable bases for desks, and more. This allows you to receive large shipments of furniture from companies throughout the world to be distributed to clients within the US. What’s more, commercial warehousing services offer affordable solutions, so you won’t have to pay for expensive on-site receiving and processing.

At On Point Installations, we’ll make sure that your products are safe throughout every step of the storage cycle. Our comprehensive warehousing services include, but are not limited to, receiving, storage, and re-delivery. Regardless of the size of your project, On Point Installations can provide safe warehousing for your office furniture in Chicago and surrounding areas. Our primary office furniture warehouse in Chicago is located Northwest of downtown Chicago, IL. We also have a secondary warehouse within close proximity to Chicago O’Hare International Airport. Both facilities are climate-controlled and operated by experienced warehouse staff. Upon receival, we’ll inspect your products for damages and cross-check with your order to assure the products received are damage free and correct. Any missing or damaged items will always be reported immediately. To learn more about how experienced staff can help keep your products safe during warehousing, contact us today by calling 847-550-4042.

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