Art is a great way to breathe life into a room. It adds an undeniable energy that can boost productivity, strengthen mental health, and inspire creativity. However, installing various pictures, paintings, and sculptures can be difficult, especially if these pieces are large, heavy, or require careful handling. Rather than risking your safety and investment, consider these five reasons to hire a professional art installation team.

1. Safely Install Artwork

Installing artwork in your home, office, or other commercial space can present unique challenges. This is especially true if the artwork is large and will be in an area of high traffic. Large artwork requires special tools and techniques to adhere to a surface or place safely within a space. Without the proper precautions, big pieces have a high risk of coming unhinged or falling, thus damaging the work itself and putting individuals around them in harm. When you work with a professional art installation team, you can rest easy knowing that the artwork, and everyone who enjoys it, will be safe.

2. Keep Pieces in Pristine Condition

A lot of art is fragile and can be easily damaged when improperly handled. If you’re not careful about how you install something, you may damage the piece and ruin your investment. When you have higher priced items that you want to keep in great condition for years to come, working with a professional art installation team is the best option. These individuals are trained and experienced in handling art of various mediums and sizes, so your art will be displayed without the risk of damage.

3. Install on Various Surfaces

Unless you’re going to install all of your artwork on drywall, it’s essential that you work with a professional team. Hanging artwork on brick walls, tiles, or marble requires the use of experienced installers with the proper tools. When you work with a professional, you have no limitations to how and where you display your favorite piece.

4. Hang or Suspend Pieces Up High

If you want to hang your artwork high above eye-level, professional installers can help. Hanging pictures at great heights is difficult and can present a number of dangers for those who don’t have the expertise. Depending on the size and location, ladders or scaffolding may be required to properly secure your piece to the wall. There are also opportunities to suspend certain artwork from the ceiling, creating a unique and immersive experience for those who pass by. Professionals will tackle these challenges safely, without causing damage to your building or artwork.

5. Feedback on Optimal Positioning

While it might seem straightforward, there’s a strategic way to position artwork in order to enhance a room. If you have a strong sense of interior design, this may come naturally to you. However, in big spaces, obtaining the advice of a professional can help you maximize the impact of your chosen artwork. Professional art installers have years of experience and understand how to incorporate various paintings, sculptures, and photos into a space to achieve the best aesthetics. You can work with them to discuss various options and may even find a way to arrange your art that you wouldn’t have thought of on your own. Placement is part of the beauty of art and working with a professional will allow you to get the most out of this process.

When you need artwork installation, contact the professionals at On Point Installations. Our experienced team provides skillful installation that’s professionally positioned, safely mounted, and handled with care. Whether it’s oversized art, heavy sculptures, or intricate installations that require on-site construction and an unparalleled attention to detail, On Point Installations can help. We install artwork in residential and commercial settings throughout the Chicagoland and Midwest region, including assisted living facilities, furniture dealerships, common areas in apartments and condos, individual units, throughout different types of rental properties, and more. To learn more about our artwork installation services, or to schedule a consultation, contact us today.


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