Over the years, offices change and transform. You may need to upgrade to a larger space, relocate to a new area, or downsize. With these changes comes a few logistical challenges. How will you efficiently move your office with minimal downtime? Where can you find new office furniture or upgraded equipment? How are you supposed to deal with a surplus of office furniture? One of the best ways to approach each of these challenges is to use an office furniture installation company. This ensures that all of your office furniture is well taken care of during any times of transition. Regardless of if your office is growing, relocating, or even downsizing, a professional office furniture installation company can help. Here, we’ll look at solving one challenge: how to deal with a surplus of office furniture.

1. Sell Excess Office Furniture to a Dealer

In some instances, you may be able to work with a certified furniture dealer to sell some of your office furniture surplus back. With used furniture continuing to grow in popularity for cost effective office solutions, it’s worth looking into. The value of your used office furniture will depend on several different factors, including the current market demand.

2. Donate Excess Office Furniture

Another option is to donate your office furniture. This is a great option for companies who don’t need extra cash associated with selling their office furniture surplus. Making a charitable donation can also help increase your tax refund or lower overall taxable income. If you’re interested in this option, find a local charity that you support and contact them to see if they are able to receive your delivery.

3. Recycle Excess Furniture

If the effort of selling or donating your surplus of office furniture seems too high, there are options for recycling. The main thing to consider here is that you’ll want to find a recycling facility that can properly process your surplus so that excess office furniture doesn’t end up in a landfill. Since furniture requires special handling, make sure that you understand your local municipality’s regulations for recycling. You’ll likely need to work with a professional company and bring the items directly to a recycling plant.

4. Utilize a Warehouse for an Office Furniture Surplus

One of the best ways to deal with a surplus of office equipment is to use a warehouse and keep your things in storage. On Point Installations offers comprehensive warehousing services that include receiving, storage, re-delivery, and more. Regardless of the size of your project, On Point Installations can provide safe warehousing for your office furniture in Chicago and surrounding areas. Upon receival, we’ll inspect your products for damages and report anything found immediately. This is a great option for companies who are looking to get their surplus office furniture out of the way but aren’t ready to get rid of it completely. Office logistics are dynamic and rather than getting rid of expensive furniture that you may need later; you can keep it safe in a professional warehouse at On Point Installations.

Regardless of how you choose to deal with a surplus of office furniture, On Point Installations can help by connecting you with one of our highly rated partners. We have strong partnerships throughout the country to help further assist our direct end-user customers. Whether you’re in need of a new furniture dealer, sales rep, or designer, we aim to make the entire process as easy and straightforward as possible. The services offered through On Point Installations are designed to deliver the most cost-effective solution for your commercial furniture requirements. We offer comprehensive warehousing services that include receiving, storage, re-delivery, and more. To learn more about how experienced staff can help you move or downsize an office, contact us today by calling 847-550-4042.


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