The more time you spend in an office, the more you begin to notice old or outdated features, especially since the outside world continues to advance around you. As businesspeople begin returning to the office, many are starting to realize that their commercial space no longer serves its purpose. This can cause productivity problems and increase the rate of employee turnover. To keep employees happy, healthy, and committed to your business, you need to update your office every now and then. For advice on when to do that, here are 6 signs you need to renovate your commercial office.

 1. Outdated Appearance and Design

Offices that have an outdated appearance and overall design are going to fall behind in today’s progressive work environment. That’s why it’s important to provide ongoing inspections to your commercial office. For those offices that feel outdated or old-fashioned, it’s time to consider a renovation. When commercial offices fall behind modern design and technology, employee productivity and overall wellbeing tends to suffer. This, in turn, can damage a company’s overall revenue and client-image. This is especially true if competitors in your field are keeping up to date with office trends or designs.

2. Lack of Technology and Connectivity

Integrated technology in the office is here to stay, especially with the increase of remote working opportunities. Commercial offices need to be equipped with the proper technology to keep up with business operations in their industry. This technology can include everything from flexible lighting, acoustic sound updates, and plenty of wall monitors and cameras for collaboration between team members and prospective clients wherever they may be. If you’re lacking any modern technology or connectivity, consider making a few upgrades and testing them out. More employees are prioritizing careers with smart offices, so it’s worth looking into.

3. Noticeable Deterioration

If there are any areas in your commercial space that are noticeably deteriorating, you need a renovation. Keep an eye on your office walls, the flooring, high traffic areas, and the common rooms. If there’s paint chipping away, flooring that’s worn out, and appliances that no longer work, consider renovating your office or finding a space that better fits your needs. On Point Installations routinely partners with both furniture dealers and end-users requiring relocation services. From small office moves to large corporate office relocations, we can help you transfer from your old, deteriorating office to a fresh, new space.

4. A Change in Space Requirements

Has your employee base grown in size? Are more people working remotely and fewer in the office? Regardless of if your workforce has gotten bigger or smaller, you’ll want a space that meets your needs. For businesses who need more room for additional employees, consider relocating to a building that can adequately support you. If you’re ready to downsize your office space because more people are choosing flexible working options, make the change. Doing so can give you the opportunity to find more modern office space that helps address your employee’s needs. During the process, if you need to store or warehouse your office furniture, On Point Installations can help.

5. Employees Experiencing Problems

Offices need to be efficient in order to be successful. If your employees are facing problems due to convenience, functionality, or comfort, it’s time to make a change. When you invest in your employees, you’ll increase your ROI and benefit from better productivity and happier clients.

6. Old or Run-Down Office Furniture

Finally, you need to assess your current furniture to determine whether or not it’s time for an upgrade. If your current office furniture looks run-down, is not ergonomically effective, or has noticeable stains and breaks, find a reputable office furniture supplier to help you renovate your workspace. On Point Installations can help by connecting you with one of our highly rated partners. We have strong partnerships with furniture dealers throughout the country to help further assist our direct end-user customers. Whether you’re in need of a new furniture dealer, sales rep, or designer, we aim to make the entire process as easy and straightforward as possible

On Point Installations provides non-union commercial furniture installation services throughout the Chicagoland and Midwest region. We offer a broad array of tailored office furniture installation designed to deliver the most cost-effective solution for your commercial furniture requirements. On Point Installations specializes in delivering installation solutions for the commercial, retail, schooling, health care, senior living and hospitality environments. Whether you require a simple single office, or a multiphase 300+ workstation installation, On Point Installations can help. Call us at 847-550-4042 to learn more or get a free quote today.

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