Every year new trends come and go, but one increasingly innovative design is here to stay. Modular furniture has been growing in popularity, both in residential homes and commercial offices around the world. This furniture can be quickly changed to accommodate different settings and uses without much effort. It allows you to add more space, break down large furniture to put out of an area without packing into storage, and incorporate unique applications of your favorite designs. Whether you used desks that could be transferred into a conference table, or a corner chair that could be transformed into a couch, some pretty amazing designs were rolled out. However, regardless of which piece of modular furniture was your favorite, there were a few trends that dominated 2022. Here, we’ll explore them and see how they’ll carry on into 2023 and beyond.

Looking Back on the Top 5 Modular Furniture Trends of 2022

Modular furniture is inherently beneficial, especially in commercial settings. Their universal use and ease of transformance allows for unlimited applications. However, some of the biggest hits usually incorporate at least a few of the following five furniture trends of the year.

1. Minimalistic

Minimalism has been on the rise for years, but it’s now becoming increasingly popular amongst several types of modular furniture designs. The simplicity that they emit complement modular furniture and help to define the tone of a room, whether that be an office space, conference room, or common area for your workforce. What’s more, when designs are truly minimalistic it can maximize functionality. These designs are often paired with monochromatic colors to create an even more powerful space.


2. Sustainable

Sustainability is one of the driving forces behind the designs for modular furniture. This makes it no surprise that it was one of the biggest trends of the year. In addition to creating designs that can be used in various settings for years to come, a shift towards constructing modular furniture using sustainable, organic elements such as oak, and bamboo occurred. These materials tend to be free of toxins and can be ethically sourced to meet the increasing factors that sustainability applies to. Pieces are also designed so that they can be repaired when damaged or worn out rather than simply thrown out and replacing the entire unit.

3. Functional

Modular furniture wouldn’t be as popular as it is today if it wasn’t function, but some truly innovative designs came out of 2022. From open workspace layouts and foldable desks to built-in storage and easily detachable side tables, modular furniture has displayed some major increases in functionality this year. Old designs were updated with more user-friendly, multifunctional spaces that can help bridge the gap between home living and office working.


4. Flexible

The whole point of modular furniture is to provide flexible uses for varying needs throughout the office and home. Upgrades have now made it possible for designs to be permanent or temporary to fit your needs. With tool-free assembly and disassembly, this flexibility offers several different advantages to users regardless of where they are.

5. Affordable

Finally, one of the best trends of modular furniture in 2022 has been the increase in affordability. Sleek, stylish designs can now be purchased without steep price tags, making them more available for businesses of all sizes.

Regardless of which modular furniture trend was your favorite, things are looking even more promising for the upcoming years of design and innovation. Furniture is being adapted to make office spaces more modern and adaptable for hybrid workspaces. To help you find the best options for your employees and future company goals, On Point Installations can help. On Point Installations is a reliable office furniture installation company that connects direct end-user customers to furniture dealers throughout the country. We provide non-union commercial furniture installation services throughout the Chicagoland and Midwest region. At OPI, our mission is to provide our customers with services that fall within budget while exceeding quality expectations. Whether you require a modest office installation, or a multiphase 300+ workstations, On Point Installations can manage the project from receipt of product to customer sign-off. Call us at 847-550-4042 to learn more or get a free quote today.


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