As more businesses require integrated technology to achieve their daily tasks and long-term goals, high and low voltage electricity is being incorporated in cubicle designs and office structures. In doing so, both internal and external telecommunications help fuel the success of the business. Whether you’re undergoing an office transition, relocating, or upgrading your current technology, it’s important to know which type of electricity to supply to various parts of your office. This will ensure that your employees don’t face lengthy downtime and are instead, quickly and efficiently connected to data centers and networks.

What is High Voltage Electricity?

High voltage electricity primarily refers to electricity that’s used to supply the main power sources to various structures. It’s commonly used in electrical power distribution, to help supply a building with multiple electrical outlets or smaller sources of power. High voltage electricity can also be used in cathode ray tubes and even particle beams, as the strength of the voltage varies and can reach very high levels when needed.

In an office setting, high voltage electricity helps power the outlets in areas throughout the building. This is accomplished by connecting a base feed into the building’s power source so that electricity can be properly distributed. Within this base panel, the electricity is also connected to any furniture’s manufactured National Code electrical components. Depending on the area that’s being serviced, additional codes and regulations may require that high voltage power be hardwired through the base cavity of panels by running conduit to each electrical box and outlet within the base. This can be used to install or disconnect base-feeds or power poles for modular office furniture, adding or repairing outlets, installing high-efficiency lighting and eco-friendly motion controls, or even rewiring entire buildings.

Due to the potential strength of high voltage electricity, mishandling power sources or areas that receive this voltage can be extremely dangerous. Professional installation and maintenance can drastically reduce the risk of damage or personal injury. If you notice any problems with your high voltage electricity source, never try to fix it yourself. Doing so can lead to electrical breakdown and potentially fatal shocks if contact is made. When you work with On Point Installations for your high voltage electricity installation, you can rest easy knowing that your electrical projects are handled safely and efficiently.

What is Low Voltage Electricity?

Low voltage electricity encompasses the Voice and Data lines that connect computers, phones, ethernet cables, and other data networking devices. This can be accomplished by running Cat5 or Cat6 cabling through the modular furniture base cavity or belt-line access to supply communication to the computers and phones. While high voltage electricity acts as a power source for computers, printers, and other appliances, low voltage electricity provides the information pathways for Voice and Data solutions. In office settings, this can include anything from basic phone system cabling to installing full wireless network infrastructures. Low voltage electricity also covers Voice and Data in regard to data network, coax cabling, server room cabling, video cabling, surveillance camera wiring, and more.

The Primary Difference Between High and Low Voltage Electricity

Both high and low voltage electricity works as a power source to specific features in a building. The primary difference between the two is that high voltage acts as a power source while low voltage carries information required for voice and data processing. High voltage electricity also needs to be properly isolated to avoid damage, while low voltage doesn’t pose as big of a risk of danger.

On Point Installations is fully equipped to install any type of electrical work you may need. We have a specialized electrical division that offers an inclusive analysis to better understand your needs and how to integrate your office for maximum productivity. Our team is trained to the highest standards and uses a fast, reliable approach to handle all of your high and low voltage requirements. Our expertise covers everything from adding or repairing outlets and installing new high-efficiency lighting and eco-friendly motion controls to completely rewiring entire buildings. The team at On Point Installations is equipped with the proper training and qualifications to help support innovative electrical systems that are required for day-to-day business functions. Contact us today to learn more about our electricity services or to discuss your next project.

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