Dave Sherman

Bannockburn, IL.

 “OPI was a pleasure to work with. They arrived on time, got to work immediately, and finished ahead of schedule, letting us get back to business as usual. Highly recommended!”

Terry Simon

Chicago, IL.

    “We had to downsize our office, and move into a smaller space. OPI’s crew came in, took care of relocating and re-installing our office furniture, phone system, computers, and even cleaned up our old space to a ‘broom swept condition’ as was specified in our lease. They knew exactly what to do, which saved us time, money, and countless headaches. It’s hard to put a price on that.”

Kelly Peterson

Milwaukee, WI.

“We needed to add more cubicles to our existing space, during our busiest season of the year, without disturbing daily production from our employees. Seeing we couldn’t afford to have any down time, the OPI crew offered to work outside normal business hours, and lost productivity, as a result, was hardly noticeable. I recommend them regularly.”

What They Say

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Sara Mason
Model Agency
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Tomasz Heaton
Web Developer
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Alessia Singh
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Silvia Wood
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Tomasz Heaton
SEO Company
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Amy Marshall
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Hakim Callahan
Business Consultant
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Hannah Dupont
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John Braun
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