Office Furniture Installation Chicago

Our experienced and highly skilled office furniture installers in Chicago are capable of assembling a multitude of different products, while maintaining the highest quality standards you would expect from union installation companies. The following lists our core service offering:

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Office Furniture Installation (RDI or Direct-to-Site)

On Point Installations caters to projects requiring reciept of product, delivery and installation (RDI). We also offer the option of having product shipped direct-to-site, unloaded and installed. We understand that each project is completely unique, and requires specific logistics and labor requirements to fulfill the scope of work required. Whether you require a simple single office, or a multiphased 300+ workstation installation, On Point Installations can manage the project from reciept of product to customer sign-off. We tailor the most cost effective solution possible in an effort to provide our customers multiple options to stay within time and budget constraints. Contact us today to learn more about RDI or Direct-to-Site installation services offered by On Point Installations.

Casegoods Installation

On Point Installations is capable of installing a multitude of different types of Casegoods product for a wide variety of application requirements. Our experienced installers are capable of installing floor and wall mounted cabinets, storage, media product and work surfaces for commercial, hospitality, senior living and education environments. On Point Installations is also capable of custom cutting surfaces in a wide variety of configurations. We specialize in square, circular and cut-to-length requirements for a multitude of surface types and shapes commonly used for Casegoods installations. 


Office Furniture Reconfiguration

Reconfiguring an existing office space can be challenging. If not performed correctly, unnecessary expense and downtime will be incurred. Our experienced installers utilize a systematic process for teardown and reassembly of product to assure the job is completed on-time and within budget. On Point Installations can reconfigure your existing office space to maximize efficiency and productivity. Depending on your requirements, we can utilize existing, add, or subtract product to tailor the space to meet your workforce requirements. We routinely partner with furniture dealers and end users requiring reconfiguration services. Please contact us today to learn more about this and other services offered.

Decommission & Disposal

Our systematic process of decommission and disposal clears the space quickly while minimizing environmental impact. On Point Installations has established partnerships with used furniture dealers, remanufacturers and recyclers that allow customers to claim value for disposed office product while keeping it out of a landfill. As a single-source solution provider, On Point Installations will resource and coordinate all aspects of the decommission including, but not limited to; electrical disconnect, debris removal, furntiture disposal/recycle and space cleaning. On Point Installations provides free estimates for decommission services throughout the Chicagoland area and the Midwest. Contact us today to learn more about decommission & disposal services offered by On Point Installations.

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Value-Added Services (Ancillary Installation)

On Point Installations offers receive, deliver and installation services for ancillary products commonly used in commercial and hospitality environments. Through this service offering, On Point Installations delivers a single-source installation solution for dealers and end-users requiring ancillary products to complete the project. The following lists value-added installation services we routinely offer:

Learn more today about installation services associated with accessory items.

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