As an office furniture dealership, you have a responsibility to provide products to your clients in the same condition as advertised. Doing so will ensure that they’re happy with their orders and increase the likelihood that they’ll use your services again in the future. With increasing amounts of consumers relying on reviews and word of mouth for referrals, one bad delivery can cause numerous problems. To make sure that everything goes as it should and your customers are receiving the best service possible, you need your products to be safely handled from start to finish. If you need to store your product in between the sale and delivery, it’s essential that you find a company that prioritizes safe warehousing. To keep your customers happy, here’s how to ensure safe warehousing for your product.

1.Utilize Safe Forklift Operations

When improperly used, forklifts can cause significant damage to products. Make sure that you find an organization that prioritizes the safety and ongoing training required to operate forklifts. This should include proper loading, maneuvering, and operation throughout the warehouse.


2.Double Check Pallets and Racking

During storage, if the pallets or shelving aren’t secured and the weight isn’t distributed evenly, they can collapse and damage product. Talk to prospective warehouses about how they load and wrap pallets and what the protocol is if damage does occur onsite. On Point Installations double checks racking so that products stay safe during storage and we never overload an object’s respective holding capacity.

3.Keep Loading Docks Safe

How your products are brought in and out of the warehouse matters. Unsafe loading docks not only lead to employee accidents, but they can also result in significant damages to products. The loading docks should be well-secured and kept clear for expedited traffic flow and efficiency. On Point Installations has a racking capacity up to 350 skids.

4.Conduct Safety Sweeps and Inspections

Warehouse floors need to be kept clear, ventilation should be adequate, equipment should be well-maintained, and any hazards need to be removed immediately. Dirty, unorganized warehouses drastically increase the chances of product damage. If you tour a facility and notice a lack in cleanliness, find a safer warehouse.


5.Prioritize Employee Ergonomics

Finally, how the warehouse employees are moving product and working onsite can reduce the chances of damage. When workers aren’t lifting/loading products correctly, there’s a greater chance of strain, injury, and ultimately, damaged products. On Point Installations trains their employees in safe warehouse ergonomics for proper product handling.

At On Point Installations, we’ll make sure that your products are safe throughout every step of the storage cycle. Our comprehensive warehousing services include receiving, storage, re-delivery, and more. Regardless of the size of your project, On Point Installations can provide safe warehousing for your office furniture in Chicago and surrounding areas. Upon receival, we’ll inspect your products for damages and report anything found immediately. To learn more about how experienced staff can help keep your products safe during warehousing, contact us today by calling 847-550-4042.

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