Adhering to Safe Installations During COVID-19

While COVID-19 has caused many disruptions to how business is conducted, change is on the horizon. With promising news regarding vaccines, many companies are looking at safe ways to get back to work. As an office furniture dealership, you may begin to notice an increase in orders as the new year approaches. You may also find that your clients are asking about certain protocols to ensure a safe installation process amidst the pandemic. While office furniture installation, relocation, and warehousing are all essential to many corporation’s supply chains, people are still hesitant to have an excessive amount of people in the room. To make sure that everyone stays safe, it’s important to follow regulations adhering to safe installations during COVID-19.

1.Limit Team Members

While it often requires more than one person to install office furniture, you shouldn’t have more than you need present. By limiting the amount of team members onsite, you reduce the chances of transmission and keep both clients and employees safe. However, you should not try to complete an installation with too few people as it could lead to accidents and will increase the time it takes to finish the set up.

2.Minimize Exposure Time

With that being said, find an organization who works efficiently from start to finish to minimize exposure time. The more experienced the furniture installers are, the better; experience is directly correlated with installation time. Not only will this limit the risk of transmission, but it also allows your clients to return to business without distractions.

3.Create Distance

Office furniture installers need access to any area where furniture is going to be assembled, but distance can still be maintained. By communicating the need for staying 6ft apart, your clients can be prepared to safely relocate for the duration of the install. At On Point Installations, handshakes will be replaced with waves, but professionalism and consideration remains.

4.Utilize Personal Protective Equipment

All professional office furniture installers should be using the proper personal protective equipment. This includes masks, gloves, and when needed, goggles. By coming to the site prepared, COVID-19 transmission is drastically reduced. If any employees at On Point Installations are feeling sick, they stay home and isolate until they can be tested.

5.Sanitize Frequently

If professional installers need to be in a business for longer periods of time, such as in the case of large shipments, they should be sanitizing often. This includes any high-touch surfaces and the proper hand washing/sanitizing techniques.

While there has been an increase in contactless delivery, office furniture installations require more effort. To make sure that your clients are receiving their products safely, always opt for a company that adheres to the proper safety measures for installations during COVID-19. The team at On Point Installations is committed to safely delivering and installing products for your clients. Our extensive experience allows our team members to finish the install quickly and efficiently so business can resume as usual. To learn more about how we’re battling COVID-19, fill out a contact form or call us today at 847-550-4042.

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